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Freebac 1.5

Discover Freebac 1.5, our multi-purpose disinfectant that provides effective protection against a broad range of microorganisms, including coronavirus and all enveloped viruses. It contains a unique blend of food safe ingredients based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide,  providing a mild residual disinfection on both hands and surfaces.

Freebac 1.5 is free from alcohol, quats, chlorine and benzalkonium chloride.

Is your water safe?

Learn in this video how different pathogens can settle in your drinking water system and propagate, posing a dangerous health risk. This risk is completely avoidable by dosing Freebac 35 in your system!

Hydrogen peroxide stabilization

Why stabilized hydrogen peroxide is more effective? Discover it in this video!

New! Electrostatic Sprayer

Freebac 1.5 can be now used to disinfect surfaces with the Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer. Check out how easy it is to use it!

24/7 Water Monitoring System

Water contamination can be caused by microorganisms, but also by chemicals if there is not a proper management of urban, industrial and agricultural wastewater. Freebac does not produce disinfection by-products and, with a proper monitoring system, we can provide safe water from catchment to consumer.

We are ready. Are you?

Many industries and companies in Norway are already benefiting from our disinfection product Freebac. If you want a safe and sustainable future, join the change!

Hydrosense Legionella Test

Legionella outbreaks are still happening, despite the current measures to prevent this kind of health problems. Learn how this bacteria reaches your water system, what kind of disease you can develop if contracted and how to prevent it with Hydrosense’s Legionella Field Test.

Sustainable agriculture without antibiotics?

We have contacted one of our customers to check how Freebac 35 was successfully used in his Chicken Farm. Here we show you how Freebac has been dosed into both, the drinking water system, and the fogging system, to keep water and all facilities clean and disinfected. Freebac can be a game changer to reduce the use of antibiotics within agriculture and livestock!

Freebac 35 Agriculture & Livestock (Spanish)

Freebac 35 puede ser usado en agricultura y ganadería para desinfectar eficazmente los sistemas de agua potable, así como todas las instalaciones. ¡Observa los asombrosos resultados!

Freebac 1.5 (Spanish)

Descubra Freebac 1.5, nuestro desinfectante multiuso que protege eficazmente contra una amplia gama de microorganismos, incluyendo coronavirus y todos los virus con envoltura. Contiene una mezcla única de ingredientes seguros de grado alimenticio, basado en peróxido de hidrógeno estabilizado, que proporciona una desinfección residual suave tanto en manos como en superficies.

Freebac 1.5 no contiene alcohol, quats, cloro ni cloruro de benzalconio.