Swimming-pools & Spas

Maintaining a good pool and spa hygiene is extremely important in order to avoid health problems (Table 1), mainly caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, amoeba and viruses.

Filtration and disinfection of private or public swimming pools is critical to swim safely, especially in the case of spas and hydrotherapy pools, where warm waters provide a better environment for these pathogens to grow.


A good filtration system will remove dirt, debris and other suspended material from the pool. Good filtration is essential for the day-to-day operations of any swimming pool, both private and public. A good filtration system will lead to cleaner looking water and much reduced use of disinfectants. Whereas a poor filtration system can be worse than having none at all. Regardless, disinfection is absolutely required to remove harmful microbes from the water before, during, and after daily use.


Chemical disinfection processes in pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis usually involve chlorine. However, it has been proven that chlorine is not 100% effective against some microorganisms like Legionella, and it can also cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation. The worst-case scenario: severe allergy reactions with direct contact or inhalation of chlorine gas.

Freebac is a sustainable and less irritating alternative, developed for use in this kind of facilities.

Questions are being raised globally about what the massive use of chlorine, and how it impacts the environment. The unique formulation of Freebac is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide using only food safe ingredients. The product degrades to water and oxygen. The disinfected water will be free of unpleasant taste and odours. When using Freebac the relaxing feeling you get from a bath in the hot tub, will not be destroyed of irritated skin and red eyes that chlorine is the culprit of.


  • Water disinfection.
  • Legionella control.
  • Room disinfection and associated equipment.
  • Hard surface disinfection.


  • Keeps the water clean with no irritating effects on the skin and/or eyes.
  • The product is made from food safe ingredients and is safe to ingest if the product has the correct user concentration.
  • No odour or taste.
  • Operates in temperatures from 0-90°C.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Degrades to oxygen and water, does not require specific measures to get rid of.
  • Sustainable unlike other products on the market.