Restaurant & Hotel Services

In the hospitality industry, keeping your hotels rooms or restaurant tables clean is essential in order to give a good customer service and to build up a reputation.
Disinfectants are used on items from the restaurant tables to the food prep surfaces to prevent foodborne illness, eliminating or reducing microorganisms to safe levels (those determined by public health codes and regulations).

A washing is always recommended, since washing cleans the visual dirt (like stains), but disinfection is necessary to kill the bacteria and viruses. This goes for everything in a restaurant from dishes to utensils to employees’ hands, otherwise microbes can be transferred from one food to another leading to foodborne illness.

Disinfectants should be used throughout the whole restaurant/hotel:

1 Back of House

Employee Hand Disinfection
Surface Disinfection
Glass and Dishware Disinfection

2 Front of House

Tables, chairs and booths
Condiment shakers, bottles and other items on the table
Door handles

Disinfectants are vital for customer and employee health. The most common disinfectants are chlorine and QUATs (Quaternary Ammonium (QA) cations-based product). Chlorine-based and QUAT disinfectants have been used for many years because they are potent products. However, during the past years we have seen that they are not effective against some pathogens, like Legionella, and they can be damaging for both human health (skin irritation, cancer, fertility and breathing problems), and the natural environment.

Freebac is a safer and sustainable alternative to all these unstable and dangerous disinfection products. And the most important, is highly effective removing microbes, without creating resistance.


  • Warm and cold water.
  • Disinfection of drinking water.
  • Room disinfection.
  • Equipment, surfaces, etc.
  • Kitchen disinfection.


  • Multipurpose product that can drastically reduce the number of different disinfectants used.
  • Consists of food grade ingredients and does not affect the food safety.
  • Environmentally sustainable formulation, by products are oxygen and water.