Hand & surface

Freebac 1.5 is a multi-purpose product providing effective protection against coronavirus, all enveloped viruses and bacteria. It contains a unique blend of food safe ingredients based on hydrogen peroxide.

With its unique stabilisation process the product provides a mild residual disinfection on both hands and surfaces. The by-products are oxygen and water.

Freebac 1.5 is free from alcohol, quats, chlorine and benzalkonium chloride.

Hydrogen Peroxide is an approved formulation by the WHO for hand sanitation in the fight against coronavirus.


  • Proven efficacy against all enveloped viruses including Coronavirus
  • EN1500 tested – hygienic handrub
  • EN1276 and EN14476 tested against bacteria and viruses
  • No harmful residues or MRL’s – degrades to oxygen and water
  • Non-flammable and non-combustible – independent fire testing
  • European Biocidal Products Regulation PT1 & PT2 approved (Hand & Surface disinfection)

Freebac compared to Alcohol based sanitisers:

Freebac 1.5 Alcohol based Sanitisers
  • Non-flammable
  • Highly flammable
  • Kind to the skin
  • Cracks and dries out skin
  • Odourless
  • Pungent smell
  • Provides residual disinfection
  • Disinfection at point of application only