Aquaculture & Fish Industry

Biosecurity and disinfection on aquaculture and fishing vessels is highly required in order to prevent the introduction of emerging diseases and to minimize their transmission.

Health and safety guidelines are available and all registered vessels are obliged to comply with basic hygiene requirements. However, it is you, as the one responsible for your business, that must implement these good sanitary practices; and that includes the correct choice of disinfectant. It is therefore important that all facilities including operating structures, cages, tanks or vessels comply with the requirements and that everything is properly disinfected without harming the on-board personnel, especially when long periods are spent offshore in a semi-closed space. Some disinfectants can cause a hypersensitive reaction in susceptible individuals, or even pulmonary disease if inhaled for a long period of time.

Freebac is a multipurpose disinfection product that does not cause allergic reactions. Freebac does not contain metals or harmful by-products making it safe for your health. It degrades naturally into water and oxygen, making it a sustainable disinfectant. Freebac can be used to effectively disinfect all kind of hard surfaces on board, but also to treat the drinking water system of the vessel. Freebac has been proven effective against a wide range of microorganisms, and also against the biofilm that builds up inside the piping system, being a source of infection, and also clogging the system.

In factory vessels, drinking water treated with Freebac can be also used to clean fish since it does not contain harmful substances capable of affect the health quality of the food. Compared to other disinfectants that can cause a high impact on marine ecosystems, Freebac is not regulated under MARPOL wastewater restrictions (always check with the local authorities and regulations).

Freebac offers a wide spectrum of possibilities on board, in just one product.


  • Biofilm removal from pipe systems.
  • Disinfection of drinking water.
  • Disinfection of pipe systems.
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces – walls and other surfaces.
  • Misting systems.


  • No emission restrictions under MARPOL.
  • Useful for both drinking water and industrial water.
  • Freebac Marine has been tested against several common diseases in aquaculture with success.
  • Freebac is effective between pH 2-10, and temperatures up to 90°C.