What is Freebac?

Freebac is a unique product with a complex formulation that destroys microorganisms and removes biofilm fast and effective. This formulation uses hydrogen peroxide as an active disinfectant, however, unlike other silver-based stabilized products, Freebac is stabilized with a gel that only uses food safe ingredients in the production process. This gel only activates and opens during contact with specific biological markers, leading to the hydrogen peroxide to be only released to places when and where it is necessary.

Freebac does not contain silver or any other heavy metals, and it degrades to oxygen and water; making this product the best green alternative.

Freebac is the result of many years research and development!

The Norwegian Environment Agency’s guidelines for biocides (including hand disinfectant):

The products must not pose a major risk for health and environment, and provide functionality fit for purpose.


Health risk: No

Environmental risk: No

Documented efficiency and fit for purpose: Yes

Alcohol- and chlorine-based products

Health risk: Yes

Environmental risk: Yes

Documented efficiency and fit for purpose: Varying